MoBe Hub

Regulatory Overhead

Global Payments - FCA Regulated
MoBe HUB Global Payments – UK and European Regulated Coverage

Unlike many other payment technology service providers VFX has secured the necessary approvals from regulators to operate on the corridors we serve. We are also willing to collaborate with other regulated payment service providers to deepen the global payments ecosystem that we have built and in which we actively participate.

To achieve this state of regulation and compliance MoBe HUB operates a sophisticated Anti Money Laundering enterprise service that connects to multiple sources if identity and verification service providers enabling identity information to be gathered, screened, stored and recalled on demand. Checks include (but not limited to) PEPs, Sanction lists, OFAC, negative data sets, fraud databases and other official watch-lists.

MoBe HUB technology successfully processes circa $10 Billion in live transactions every year. Whether you are simply looking for better service, improved pricing or an integrated Wallet solution – get in touch with us to find out how we can make an impact in helping to deliver your commercial goals.

Let's discuss how MoBe HUB can help you to manage your electronic payments better!