MoBe Hub


We have built intelligent Payment Gateways (accessing mainstream banking and mobile money schemes) leveraging in-country relationships and a deep knowledge and expertise of FX and the payment landscape.

Reliable payment gateways available 24/7/365 User analytics reporting and insights
Strong regulatory overhead White label configuration

MoBeHUB is revolutionising cross-border payments

MoBe HUB is the enterprise service technology back bone of VFX PLC

Whether you are looking to make commercial payments, high volume low-value payments, remittances or disbursements by connecting to MoBeHUB you can avoid the time and cost of bi-lateral integrations, expensive set-up costs and pre-funding requirements so often demanded by the alternative operating models.

In addition MoBeHUB provides regulatory cover under its approvals on each corridor that it operates together with local currency liquidity at super competitive rates.

These services can be delivered through a variety of access channels that leverages our own proven FX pricing engine.

MoBeHUB provides you with the capability to deliver reliable, low-cost and secure Global payments including countries where financial inclusion is far deeper than mainstream banking permits.

Connecting the world

MoBe HUB has developed a proprietary payments ecosystem that intelligently routes global payments.

Mobile Wallet Technology

MoBe is a a multi currency solution offering the most advanced Wallet capabilities.

The MoBe Team

The MoBe HUB team has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the finance sector and mobile technology.

Let's discuss how MoBe HUB can help you to manage your electronic payments better!