MoBe Hub

Connecting the World

MoBeHUB – Global Access – Local connectivity in one connection.

In addition to delivering a number of payment solutions MoBeHUB provides a variety of client access and connectivity options ranging from web services, SFTP protocols and SWIFT to allow you to connect to your target markets. If you are looking for other delivery options we can scope, build and deploy customised solutions at any point in the payment chain.

The MoBeHUB messaging layer is a peer-to-peer, distributed event-driven asynchronous middleware infrastructure that supports intelligently-directed communication and mediated relationships between service providing applications and user components.

MoBeHUB provides fast, secure, high-quality, real-time data transmission between remote locations over any communications media, including low bandwidth Internet connections. This is delivered via a combination of Publish & Subscribe engines and a secure reliable Point-to-Point central multicast messaging system. MoBeHUB’s technology has harnessed the growth potential of the mobile channel and global connectivity to reduce the cost of delivery of high volume broadcast data, eliminating costly agencies, outmoded business practices and physical offices by providing point-to-point connectivity over the same virtual network.

Operating as a Publish & Subscribe engine business, our objective is to create and energise the practical use of resilient consumer deliverables in a short time-frame.

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